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Dames Of The Needle

Black Rick Rack 1" (3yds)
by Dames Of The Needle
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New This Week!

Here's a snapshot of our new products for this week. Click an image to see more details and scroll through the entire update. Or click the "What's New" link to the left to view in list format.

Easy To Learn Hand Embroidery
by Annie's
Item: 14-1433

ABC HB Pin Cushion (w/trim)
by Dames Of The Needle
Item: 14-1477

ABC HB Basket Band (w/trim)
by Dames Of The Needle
Item: 14-1478

by Homespun Samplar
Item: 14-1561

Garden Cuties
by Imaginating
Item: 14-1572

Honoring Marriage
by Imaginating
Item: 14-1573
Now Available!
"Rosy Morning" by Blackbird Designs

Part 9 of the 2013-14 "Abecedarian Series" of Loose Feathers is now available. We've got you covered here at HDC with leaflets and 30ct linen by R & R Reproductions! The stitch count of Rosy Morning is 171w x 60h.

Shops may sign up for our automatic by contacting us. We are offering the leaflets and linen (1yd cuts) on autoship program. Shops MUST contact us to renew their LF auto for 2013-14.

This design uses 30ct Sheep's Straw by R & R.

Part 1 - Wild Berries & Abecedarian Blend 30ct

Part 2 - My Heart's Design & American Chesnut 30ct

Part 3 - Forget Me Not & 30ct Espress
Part 4 - Bountiful Harvest & 30ct Sheep's Straw
Part 5 - Bluebird Of Happiness & 30ct Korty's Special Blend
Part 6 - Fruitful Vine & 30ct Cafe Kona
Part 7 - The Country Life & 30ct American Chesnut
Part 8 - My Friend's House - 30ct Espresso

If you are not a shop owner and would like to purchase, please see our shop locator to find a retailer near you.

You may also visit our listing of shop websites to order from an online independent needlework shop.

More Featured Designers

Cherry Hill Stitchery
Designer: Deanna Carter
Location: Pleasant Grove, UT


Would you share a little about your cross-stitch and needleart background?
My grandma got me started. One year for my birthday she and I were walking around a craft store trying to choose a gift together, and I fell in love with a cross stitch kit of a pink rose. She bought it for me, took me home and taught me how to do it. I honestly don’t remember how old I was! 8? 10? 12? It’s been a long time! Another year she gave me a stamped table runner to stitch. I thought they were both beautiful and have been hooked ever since.

How did you get your start in designing?
I did some freelance work with a different design company several years ago and kind of learned the ropes as I went. It was a creative outlet for me at the time and I enjoyed it, but I felt like I would have more control over the creative process, my finished pieces, and the final product if I opened my own company… so I did.

What are some of your favorite themes when designing?
That’s a tough question for me— I just like things to be pretty. When I design there is usually some specific event or person in my life that I’m thinking about and designing for. That’s about as deep as it goes!

What are some of the steps taken to get a design transferred from your imagination to a graph, and eventually into print?
I’m a pretty boring designer. I just noodle around right in my cross stitch design software until I like what I see. From there we shift our focus to the model/finish work and photography. Once those things are done, we have all the pieces we need to make our leaflet so we can print and ship. CHS just bought a big beautiful commercial printer and we have transitioned to doing all the printing in our basement, so everything is completely in-house now--which I love.

Which of your designs would you recommend to someone who is just learning to stitch?
I’d probably recommend the Pink Owl on Branch for a few reasons:
1.) It is small, so it finishes up pretty quickly.
2.) The stitching is mostly connected, which means a beginner wouldn’t have to count across lots of empty spaces.
3.) There are only a few colors to keep track of.

Merry Christmas

Here's a brand new release as of today (11/15) from Cherry Hill Stitchery called Merry Christmas. The stitch count is 89w x 112h and we're looking forward to hearing what stitchers think about this pretty holiday project.
Christmas Owls

This is a design we added much earlier in the year but it is by far the most popular Cherry Hill Stitchery design that we have in stock! This one stitches up quickly at 86w x 46h but what a cute and adorable keepsake it is!
See more from Cherry Hill Stitchery in our Online Reference Catalogue.

While knitting and needlepoint are fairly popular, cross-stitch is not quite the thing to do anymore. What are a few ways shops, designers, and stitchers might expose & teach more people to cross-stitch?
That’s a hard one. We could go a lot of directions with that question! The first thought I had is that it never hurts to show off our handiwork a bit…or more than just a bit! Display models of current pieces in our homes, shops, etc. I’m sure many of us already do that. There is really something to be said for seeing a finished piece in person.

We can also use social media to help. Obviously copyright infringement is a big deal and we don’t want to misuse the internet, but the reality is that we live in a digital society. People look online for project and decorating ideas. It’s not that hard to upload a picture of a completed piece (not the patterns, please!) to a blog, to Pinterest or to Facebook. Bonus points if the picture shows the design displayed in a lovely way in a room. Personally speaking, I feel like I’ve hit a gold mine when I stumble onto a collection of cross stitch finish photos. I am sure I am not the only one--it is inspiring!

What are some of your hobbies when you’re not stitching or designing?
My kids keep me pretty busy! Do they count as a hobby? :D If not, I really, really, really like to be in the mountains. I love to work in my yard--flowers are soul soothing. I love to decorate my house, love to paint (think walls and furniture, not art), and love to sew. I guess I just like to spend time with pretty things or making things pretty!

What are a few of your favorite TV shows?
The Dick Van Dyke show is probably my all-time favorite, but Hogan’s Heroes isn’t far behind. I’m also a big-time sucker for almost everything Food Network.

What are some of your favorite things about living in beautiful Utah?
The outdoorsy vibe here is awesome, as are the 4 distinct seasons and the low humidity. I love how completely family centered and kid-friendly it is. It doesn’t hurt my feelings at all that it isn’t a very “buggy” state, either. We lived in Missouri for several years and the bugs about did me in!

What’s on the dinner menu Friday Night?
Don’t tell, but by the weekend I’m ready for a night off from cooking. I have served pizza on Friday nights for years!

In all seriousness--if you want a favorite recipe, the Our Best Bites French dip sandwiches are dangerously delicious. I use the recipe posted here:

Where do you see Cherry Hill Stitchery five years from now?
We’d like to continue to reach more stitchers and more shops as time goes on. We’re a fairly new company and are just wrapping up our first year, but we have been really happy with the growth we’ve seen thus far. We’d like to continue with the path we’re on. The needlework community is such a great community to be a part of—we are super glad to be here!

Available Exclusively at Hoffman Distributing Company...

Straight from the Nashville Needlework Market, two new designs are available as HDC exclusives!

The Garden Fair
by Blackbird Designs
Includes Classic Colorworks hand dyed floss

Old White Farmhouse
by Stacy Nash
Includes Classic Colorworks hand dyed floss

Frosty Forest
A new series coming this November from Country Cottage Needleworks!


Frosty Forest is a new 9 part series coming this November from Country Cottage Needleworks! Each design is 65w x 65h, about 4" square when stitched on the recommended 32ct Pearl Grey linen.

Not only will we have the charts but the buttons by Just Another Button Company and the Pearl Grey Linen (32ct) will be available.

Shop owners, we are offering a special automatic for this series so be sure to sign up so your shop will have the needed supplies! Contact us to sign up...please indicate the quantity of charts and/or buttons.

You may order the linen NOW, it is in stock and ready to ship!

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