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Mighty Bright Lighting

LED AC Adapter
by Mighty Bright Lighting
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New This Week!

Here's a snapshot of our new products for this week. Click an image to see more details and scroll through the entire update. Or click the "What's New" link to the left to view in list format.

Redwork Quilt
by Imaginating
Item: 14-1882

Blue Fanfare
by Imaginating
Item: 14-1883

Let's Love Baby
by Imaginating
Item: 14-1884

Once Upon A Butterfly
by Imaginating
Item: 14-1885

Laugh With Flowers (w/btns)
by Just Another Button Company
Item: 14-1874

Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornament DVD (1997-2013)
by Just CrossStitch
Item: 14-1914
Now Available!
"Summer Harvest" by Blackbird Designs

Part 11 of the 2013-14 "Abecedarian Series" of Loose Feathers is now available. We've got you covered here at HDC with leaflets and 30ct linen by R & R Reproductions!

Shops may sign up for our automatic by contacting us. We are offering the leaflets and linen (1yd cuts) on autoship program. Shops MUST contact us to renew their LF auto for 2013-14.

This design uses 30ct Apple Brown Bindy by R & R Reproductions.

Part 1 - Wild Berries & Abecedarian Blend 30ct

Part 2 - My Heart's Design & American Chesnut 30ct

Part 3 - Forget Me Not & 30ct Espress
Part 4 - Bountiful Harvest & 30ct Sheep's Straw
Part 5 - Bluebird Of Happiness & 30ct Korty's Special Blend
Part 6 - Fruitful Vine & 30ct Cafe Kona
Part 7 - The Country Life & 30ct American Chesnut
Part 8 - My Friend's House - 30ct Espresso
Part 9 - Rosy Morning - 30ct Sheep's Straw
Part 10 - Mother's Day - 30ct Iced Cappuccino

If you are not a shop owner and would like to purchase, please see our shop locator to find a retailer near you.

You may also visit our listing of shop websites to order from an online independent needlework shop.

More Featured Designers

Vickery Collection
Designer: Mike Vickery
Location: White, GA


Would you tell us how you became a cross-stitch designer?
I was a computer technician throughout the 1980’s. I kept getting laid off near the end of the decade and eventually told my wife that I wanted to do something different. So she asked what I wanted to do and I told her I wanted to do something with my art. She suggested I look in the paper to see if anything might be listed in the help wanted ads. I told her there would be nothing but promised to check anyway.

On the first column, right there in bold letters, was the heading, “ARTIST WANTED”. It was a listing from a company called Color Charts. So I called and was told to bring my portfolio and to come down for an interview. They hired me and showed me how my art could be re-created as cross stitch patterns. The whole staff at Color Charts taught me how to convert my designs, and other artist’s designs, to counted cross-stitch graph format. That was in 1992 and within a month of being hired, I was creating my own designs!

Your design style is very unique and appealing. Where do you get your ideas for new designs?
Any and everywhere! I am constantly observing things around me. I find unique styles of art and experiment with those styles to create my designs. That is why my designs are varied and versatile.

Do you have any personal favorites among your creations?
I really have enjoyed designing the Celtic style pieces. I love the bold colors that are used and I think stitchers do too.

What are a few things you enjoy most about being a part of counted cross-stitch?
I love how a bunch of black and white symbols can turn into a beautiful art piece. I also enjoy looking at and admiring other designers and stitchers work. There are many talented people in this industry!

How important are local needlework shops to our industry?
They are extremely important. There is a lot of fellowship involved in stitching circles and the local shops are places where people can find the latest and greatest designs while enjoying the fellowship of other stitchers. A local shop is also a convenient place to easily get all of your stitching needs. I don’t really have a favorite shop but am partial to any shop that carries my designs...LOL!

Splendid Santas

This is a beautiful release posted on our site in late April. The stitch count is 160w x 192h. Christmas and Santas are popular stitching themes year round!

This pretty 160w x 184h collage captures the spirit of nature as seen by Mike! Animals, plants, the cosmos and four seasons combine for an interesting stitching project!
See more from Vickery Collection in our Online Reference Catalogue.

What do you enjoy as far as hobbies and interests outside of needlework?
Sports, movies, music, science (especially astronomy), and history.

What are your top three favorite restaurants?
I like any steakhouse…Long Horn, Outback etc., and a small restaurant in Clearwater Fla called “Guppies”. Best surf and turf ever!

How did your family fare through the crazy winter we had this past year?
We actually enjoyed it. Living in the south our whole lives, we get a big kick out of it. Plus we know it may not happen again for 10 years.

What are your goals for Vickery Collection in the coming years?
Becoming global! I am actually working on that as we speak.

Just CrossStitch 2014 Halloween Collector's Issue

Now available and ready to ship!
Contains 47 spooky designs for projects that will make Halloween even more fun! Stock your shelves with this highly anticipated collector's issue by Just CrossStitch!

Our item number is 14-1902.
See more from Just CrossStitch.

Free Chart
Summer Stitching by Little House Needleworks

Get the graph for this colorful design FREE when you purchase the Classic Colorworks thread pack! The design may be done with 6 strand cotton or perle 5 cotton (the photo below is the perle 5 version). Your choice! Classic Colorworks threads are hand dyed and wonderful to use when stitching!

Contact your favorite needlework shop to get your hands on this threadpack and the free graph that comes with it!

Find a shop using our shop locator.
Find a shop website and purchase online.

Try the Perle 5 Cotton threads with this graph as shown in the image below!


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